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Health Information Technology (HIT) is a core component to achieve successful transformative shifts in healthcare through growth in data, digitization trends in health information and electronic medical records. Also improvements in collaborative data exchange, work flows and mobility and need for better financial management are changing the needs of the hospital enterprise.

Indian Healthcare is at an inflection point right now, as policy mandates and internal healthcare system reform begin to take hold, system-wide. It is also said that the Indian HIT market is valued at $1billion (about Rs 6,650 crore) and is likely to grow about 1.5 times by 2020, according to a report by IT industry body NASSCOM.

Healthier populations, affordable care and better patient experience requires more than incremental change. It requires innovations that can fast-track our transformation. Healthcare industry is experiencing a steady and stable transformation the world over, majorly with IT playing a core role in every aspect of healthcare value chain ensuring faster adaptability of advanced technologies, reduction of service costs and provision of quality healthcare at affordable prices.

How can healthcare leaders move into the new healthcare? Now that electronic health records and other healthcare IT tools and systems are becoming universalized, the next big leap will be into the robust leveraging of technology to achieve the broad aims of value-based healthcare delivery and payment.

The healthcare system is moving forward rapidly to implement strategies around population health management, accountable care, consumer and community engagement that will shape the next decade in healthcare by consistent utilization of Health Information Technology(HIT) which will Improve health care quality or effectiveness, Increase health care productivity or efficiency, Prevent medical errors and increase health care accuracy and procedural correctness, Reduce health care costs, Increase administrative efficiencies and healthcare work processes. Decrease paperwork and Extend real-time communications of health informatics among health care professionals, and Expand access to affordable care.

About The Summit

Explore Exhibitions and Conference is honored to present “SMART TECH HEALTHCARE”, this summit will be held on November 2017 at  Hyderabad, India. The Smart Tech Healthcare 2017 will bring together 250+ senior-level healthcare professionals to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how healthcare is being redefined through technology. This selective gathering will play host to Medical Directors, CIO’s, COO’s, CEO’s, M.D’s and HIT experts from significant organizations associated with the Medical sector under one roof. This exclusive forum is a platform for the delegates and the leading solution providers to discuss and share the latest innovations in Information Technology in the field of Healthcare.

This Summit will gather the industry experts to network and share their case studies and presentations illustrate challenges, successes and various factors in the outcomes of numerous types of HIT implementations & innovations which is driving the Healthcare business today. The Smart Tech Healthcare Summit will trigger the main aspects related to the particular sector and usher the best practices and its implications that drives innovation and growth in the industry.

Key Topics

  • Futuristic Technologies Transforming Healthcare by 2030.
  • Big Data or Big Decisions.
  • The Smart Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Healthcare IT Possibilities & Obstacles.
  • Future of Healthcare through Integration & Interoperability.
  • Overcoming Health Data & Cyber security Challenges.
  • Digital Transformations in Healthcare.
  • How IT can drive increased Patient Engagement.
  • How Technology Enabled Care Models can help fix Healthcare’s greatest challenges?

Who should attend

Attendees of the Smart Tech Healthcare Summit are industry leaders and senior executives from the healthcare community with the following job titles: Medical Director, Chief Information Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Medical Superintendent, Radiologist, Neurologist, Purchase Manager, VP and Director of IT, Technology & Research Analysts, Doctors, Senior Surgeons, Procurement Heads & Managers & Venture Capitalists.

State Medicaid: Director, Health Reform, CMOs, E&E, MMIS, MES, Provider Relations, Analytics, PHM, Sustainability. Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX): CEO, Executive Director, CIO, CSO and MIS. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

Regional Extension Centers (RECs): CEO, Executive Director, CIO, COO, CISO and MIS

Solution Providers/Integrators: CEO, VP Public Sector, VP Sales , Director HIE / HIX, Project Directors, Account Managers, Commercial Payers, Health Systems, Medical Groups: CMIOs, Director HIE, Informatics, PHM, Care Coordination

Vertical Companies : Hospitals, Govt. Bodies, IT consultants, IT Companies, Healthcare Apps, Risk Management Companies, Healthcare Device Manufacturers, App Developers, Data Security Solutions & Healthcare Policy Makers


Why Attend

The “Smart Tech Healthcare 2016” Summit attracts a powerful and influential delegation of IT decision makers from across India which favours the Sponsors to get an exclusive opportunity to address key decision makers from Healthcare Industry which will bring together both the future generation and most senior of healthcare professionals. The event aims to focus on the in healthcare fertility to improve the care we deliver for our patients.

These are key reasons to attend SMART TECH HEALTHCARE

Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face
While not all conferences offer you the opportunity to meet your business idols your chances are greatly improved when you’re sharing the same space. Sometimes it’s about taking a selfie with someone who’s influenced you or sharing a business idea with someone you admire or making a connection that can lead to finding your next mentor.

Networking Opportunities
Social media keeps me connected to my peers who are both local and “from away.” However, there’s no substitution for meeting someone IRL (in real life). Good conferences have opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle form new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, lunch or cocktails you may make a connection with the perfect provider or prospect. At a breakout session you may find yourself sitting next to your next customer or mentor.
Or, if you don’t go maybe your toughest competitor will be sitting in your seat.

New Tools
Whether there’s an expo floor or just a few tables near the coffee and muffins companies often have tools to display that we haven’t seen yet. Apps that make us faster less prone to costly mistakes or give us some other sort of edge.

Learning In a New Space
Breaking out of the office sitting in a new space (even if it’s a tired old Holiday Inn conference room) can spark us to new approaches that will grow our businesses.

New Tips & Tactics
The problem with the web is we believe that everything is at our fingertips. And maybe it is but it’s an overwhelming amount of data that we often can’t crack or keeps us from the best material. A well run conference will help curate new ideas to help us improve our approach.

Invest In Yourself
It’s an investment in yourself your career and even your company. When you purchase that conference ticket and when you walk up to the registration desk you’re saying that you’re investing in your own growth.

Have Fun!
The most important of all these reasons but we didn’t want to leave it off the list. Conferences are fun! Live events with other people are fun! by attending conferences. By sitting at lunch tables with people I don’t (yet) know made some amazing connections and even more amazing friends from going to live events.
Entertain yourself- Conferences are definitely a change in your daily routine. Taking an extra day at the beginning or end of the trip to explore or visit friends in the region is also a great way to maximize the investment in travel. It’s always great to meet an old friend.

However, conference provides a unique convergence of networking, learning, and fun into a single package. A good conference forces you to grow and challenge yourself.
Don’t miss out on these opportunities!!!

About Hyderabad 

Hyderabad is the capital of southern India’s Telangana state. A major center for the technology industry, it’s home to many upscale restaurants and shops. Its historic sites include Golconda Fort, a former diamond-trading center that was once the Qutb Shahi dynastic capital. The Charminar, a 16th-century mosque whose 4 arches support towering minarets, is an old city landmark near the long-standing Laad Bazaar.